Frequently asked questions about Apps

Why Mobile?

The smart phone market is growing!

FACT: Customers are using mobile to find your competition.
FACT: Not having a mobile experience can lose you business.

– Over 500,000,000 Android phones have been activated
– Over 300,000,000 iPhones have been activated
– Android owns 64% of the World smartphone market
– iPhone owns 20% of the World smartphone market

STOP PRESS: in a recent blog on the Intel website, “What happens in an Internet Minute?” two entries stand out: there are 47,000 app downloads and 1,300 new mobile internet users EVERY MINUTE. And even more interesting: future growth will be “staggering”.

Sources: 2011: Google “Understanding Smartphone Users”;
Late-2012: survey by, “Three-fourths [of smart phone users surveyed] said they are more likely to return to a site in the future if the experience on mobile is good”.

Why Mobile Apps?

“Every business should be thinking about building mobile apps today. It’s not a fad or a passing trend. It’s customer service.” – FORBES

FACT: Your customers prefer apps over mobile websites.


Users now spend more time on mobile apps than on web browsing on a smartphone. Apple iPhone users go to bed with their phones!

Apps provide a more enriching and immersive experience for the user.

Sources: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics, 2012

Why | App for it?

   – We make mobilizing your business simple & pain free
   – We help bring in new business and increase repeat customers
   – We handle everything from start to finish
   – We’re mobile experts
   – We’re extremely affordable
   – We’re fast & easy to use

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Who is going to manage it and make sure that we are making the most of it?

If you the business owner feel competent and have the time, then you can update your app in real-time and take absolute control of your app’s content. However, most people want to concentrate on what they do best – run their business. That is why we offer a number of maintenance packages from low maintenance to the Done For You package. Our Content Management System allows complete control and you can even update certain features of your App through our iPhone app!

Will the app make our website obsolete?

Absolutely not. The information on a website should not just be replicated in a mobile app. Our mobile apps provide an immersive, interactive experience for the user. Features such as one-touch calling and push notifications are different to what a desktop website provides. However, with an app, a desktop website and a mobile-optimized website, you are covering ALL bases.

Aren’t mobile apps expensive?

They used to be! We are using the latest technology to create and publish apps on Apple and Android platforms and can keep your costs down whilst providing you with a competitive edge. Your app will have the same level of interactivity and features as apps from major brands but at a cost to suit your budget. Please see our Pricing page for further details.

How could we get customers to regularly interact with the app so that they keep using it?

Push notifications are a great way to keep customers informed of your offers and events.

Events tabs provide a useful forum for your customers as do the social network notifications, ALL WITHIN THE APP!

How do we market the app?

App for it will provide QR codes and URL links to your mobile app as well as the code for re-directing your website users to your mobile-optimized website if they are using a hand-held or tablet device.

We also publish useful papers from time to time for best-practices on subjects such as QR Codes. These papers are free to download from our website.

What kind of information is available on mobile apps?

Apps can display:
  – Information on services
  – Restaurant’s menu (text or PDF)
  – All locations visible in Maps
  – One click calling
  – Events and more …

Links to social networks

Customers can link to your social media pages:
– Increase Facebook fans.
– Increase Twitter followers.
– Approximately 40% of social media users access their accounts through mobile devices.


GPS coupons
When at your location, customers can ‘check in’ and receive bonuses.

QR code coupons
Used to replace stamp cards.
Increase customer loyalty! 28% of customers reported that they are “Extremely Likely” to increase their visits to a business if they have a loyalty reward card for them.

Source: Total Research Corp & Custom Marketing Corp’s Loyalty Monitor Study

Live updating

Take full control over your app’s content!

App can update:
   – Display special events
   – Specials of the week/day
   – Loyalty coupons
   – Image gallery
   – Everything inside the app!

ALL content can be painlessly updated immediately without the user having to reload the app.

Push Notifications

   – Update your customers instantly
   – Special offers, updates, happy hours.

Push notifications break the barrier between you and your customers. They are included completely FREE.

Compared to other forms of advertising they are IMMEDIATE and MUCH MORE effective because your customer has OPTED IN to receive them from YOU when they download your App.